• The DCGY-F500 is a portable, high-quality induction sealing machine, suitable for small-scale production up to 5000-10 000 units per month. The machine is easy to use and requires minimum operator training.
  • The hand-held operation with thumb switch enables users to seal from 20mm to 100mm with a single sealing head, with the timer set to the number of seconds required for an effective seal (approx. 1.5 secs).

 What is Induction Sealing?

  • Induction sealing is a unique non-contact heating process that hermetically seals a container by attaching an inner seal to the neck of a bottle or jar.  Induction sealing requires little, if any, modification to an existing packaging line and takes place after the container has been filled.  The induction seal consists of several layers of material, typically one metallic layer over a thermoplastic layer.
  • When the induction machine wand is placed on top of the closure,  induction coils excite the metallic molecules of the foil layer causing it to heat up, which in turn melts the thermoplastic layer of the seal, thereby fusing it to the mouth of the container.
  • After leaving the induction field, the foil cools and the polymer film bonds to the container, providing a tamper-proof package.  When the cap is removed, the aluminium foil remains bonded to the lip of the container.  This inductively bonded seal will eliminate product leakage, prevent tampering, lengthen shelf-life and enhance customer confidence.
Determine what type of closure and induction seal is appropriate and compatible with your container
Fill your container with product
Apply seal to inside of closure
Either manually or automatically cap your container with the appropriate torque
Select the appropriate sealing time (usually determined by closure size)
Place cap beneath induction heating wand and activate heating process (the time will automatically shut off).
You can remove the closure to visually inspect the container to check if the liner has adhered
  •Portable (the system is small enough to carry and seal anywhere)MODEL DCGY-F500
User friendly, fast & easy set up DIMENSIONS 340mm  x 290mm  x 150mm   
Digital soft-touch membrane control panel for easy operator interfaceNET WEIGHT
 Approx. 5kg
   •Digital up/down timer for accurate time recording and optimum sealingSUPPLY VOLTAGE
   •Suitable for non-metal containers, such as glass or plastic bottles (ABS, HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP and PS)POWER CONSUMPTION
 20 - 100mm
 0-50pcs / minute
 These machines will be available for purchase.  For further information on pricing and lead times, kindly contact Vision Packaging Australia.